Auntie Ann Knits

Monday, March 31, 2008

Recycled Sweaters live on!

In case you're still in suspense over my lobster claw / sock, I did in fact finish it and have even worn the pair a couple of times. I have pictures, too, that I will put up.

But for today, we are all about the recycled sweater love.

My friend Thek, who lives in Chicago-land, picked up some thrift store sweaters and a belt and made this cute teddy bear, sweater and bag:

Thek's bear and bag

Thek says: I would just like to add that the bag cost $2.90 to make. $2 for the sweater and $.90 for the belt from Salvation Army. The sweater the bear is wearing came out of the same $2 sweater. The bear was made out of felt from another $2 sweater from which I have lots of other left-over felt. If you know how much yarn it takes to make a felt purse, you know what a savings this is.

Thek with bear and bag

And here she is, showing off her creations.

What great projects! I have to say, though, that thrift stores in the Chicago area are probably better treasure troves of feltable sweaters than those around here. I'll have to keep looking.