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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Please Vote No on Prop. 8

Some of you have seen the photos I've posted here of the wedding between my brother and his partner of many years. That was a very, very happy day for the entire family. It was a wonderful day, not only because of their wedding, but because it seemed that everyone at San Francisco City Hall that day was filled with joy, whether they were there to marry, to attend a wedding, to show support for those marrying or to work at City Hall that day.

I imagine that most of you know that there is an initiative on the ballot in the election that is now less than a week away. Proposition 8 is aimed at eliminating the right that same-sex couples now have to marry in the state of California.

I have been donating time and money to the campaign to defeat Prop. 8 -- I don't understand why someone who doesn't want to marry a same-sex partner feels that they should try to take that right away from anyone else.

The most recent No on Prop. 8 ad features our senior US Senator, Dianne Feinstein:

I urge you all to vote No on 8 and to donate money to No on Prop. 8 if you can. It is coming down to the wire and more ads are needed to counter the flood of ads funded by the other side, the ones who want to take marriage away from only a specific group of people.

Please help.