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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh, baby!

Next door they're expecting another grandbaby any time now.

Clearly that calls for another baby blanket.

Ann & blanket

Star Blanket 4

This is the Star Doily Blanket (that is a Ravelry link -- there used to be a non-Ravelry link but it's been changed). It's an adaptation made by Alexis Layton of a vintage doily pattern.

I knit it with Cascade Sierra, a worsted weight wool/cotton yarn on US 9 needles. It's knit from the center out, so that it's ideal for a knit-'til-I-run-out-of-yarn type of project. I knit until the point that I thought it was 'big enough', yet enough yarn was left for a baby sweater for a baby to be named later. I used about 2.5 skeins. I added a picot cast-off, and it's about 36" across.

Knitting the center star was fun, and the stockinette portion was of course pretty darn mindless knitting. Sometimes that's just great, although lately I don't seem to enjoy it so much. Give me lace or cables any day! Stranded knitting now -- I still don't seem to have mastered that. Good thing there are always knitting challenges yet to come, huh?

This is for the younger sibling of the baby (now age 2 and a half) for whom I made the Log Cabin Baby Blanket. Since they had a larger blanket for the older sibling, I thought the new baby could use a smaller and lighter blanket. I gave it to the mom when she was going through some rough patches in the pregnancy, hoping to cheer her up a bit, and apparently big brother really likes the blanket, especially the center star.


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