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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monkey Business

And here's my first Monkey Sock:

First Monkey

I love this sock. Yet I'm sending it out into the world as a gift, to someone who I have no idea whether she will appreciate it. I'll never know, either, so all I can do is hope. At least I won't have the disappointment of knowing that she doesn't.

With its mate, of course, as soon as it's done. I've knit the heel and done the gusset decreases, so it's not too long now.

I loved this so much that I begged J.L. Yarnworks, the source of this yarn, to make me some more, and she graciously agreed to try to duplicate it, which I realize could be a tricky business with hand-dyed yarn. Yay! Thanks, Jackie! I love the subtle variegation of this yarn, which doesn't show up so well in the scans, the somewhat muted colors, and the twist, which is just right.

Pop quiz, hotshot -- what makes this Monkey different from most other monkeys? What is the "twist", so to speak?


Extra geeky points for recognizing the quote above.

And by the way -- there was indeed Tofurky at Thanksgiving, but no one even suggested that I should have any. Which is good, because I was prepared to say that it was against my religion.