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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ladders 101

Technical woes galore here at Auntie Ann's place. It's a perfect storm or a convergence or something. The server at work was apparently destroyed by a worm, so we could not access email or documents for 48 hours. Talk about unhappy clients. My work-issued laptop that I use for such work has a virus or something, it will access the internet to log in to the work server, but refuses to load any web pages. Like the one the work tech wants me to load to run a virus scan. It also has weird pop-up boxes that won't go away. The work server is now limping along, but is supposed to be completely replaced this weekend.

In addition, we had the techs for Comcast, our ISP, out here both yesterday and today. The line failed, according to today's tech.

While the Comcast tech was here he went up into the attic where the splitter is. Access is inside the garage using a tall ladder. While he was out there and I was inside, I heard a loud crash. I went out to find him stranded in the attic, having put the ladder up at too low of an angle, so that it kicked out when he tried to get on it to come back down. Fortunately, he did not fall. He was contemplating jumping, however, apparently being too embarassed to yell for help. I think he missed the "Ladders 101" class that you would think Comcast would have for their techs, seeing as how they all have ladders on their trucks. Of course, both of them borrowed our ladder rather than lug theirs in from the truck.

He did run a new line, and that part of the puzzle is working, for now anyway. And I actually managed to post Matt's socks, in spite of all the craziness. Must get back to catching up on work . . .


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