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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Darn you, sock yarn ball-ettes!

In my last post I showed you a sock-in-progress, attached to 2 tiny sock yarn ball-ettes and the skein. A bit crazy-making (like I need any help), but I dealt with that, finished the first sock, and figured after that the second sock would be a piece of cake.

Wrong! About 2/3 of the way down the leg, the self-striping started doing something a little wonky. There wasn't a color change where there ought to have been one, except for one pathetic little half-round, which wasn't even the next color in the pattern. And then -- a knot. Well, I'm used to knots in this yarn by now, right? Somewhere I read that 3 knots in a skein is considered "acceptable" by the yarn industry. Huh.

And then -- the yarn after the knot had the color sequence reversed. Oh, the outrage! How could they do this to me?

Annoying as this was, the fix was not too bad -- wind the skein into a center-pull ball, but start with the yarn from the outside of the ball (and use the center-pull end for the heel flap, to try to maintain the color sequence on the instep and front of leg). So far, so good -- I've done the heel and gusset reductions on sock 2, and I'm very pleased that the stripes on the heel flap and the rest of it match reasonably well on both socks. Not perfectly, because although I'm compulsive I'm also too cheap and lazy to wind off too much yarn to match stripes.

No pix today -- it's raining. Hopefully I will finish sock 2 soon, and then I'll get some pix.

At least I know that there are no more knots in this skein.


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