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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Matt's "Somewhat Fraternal" Socks

You may remember the crazy sock yarn ball-ettes from this sock:
Matt's sock ballettes

These socks was finished in time, thank goodness, to ship to the recipient for Xmas. But first I had a few ends to weave in:

But here is the finished pair, which I think are pretty nice and the recipient declared to be "so beautiful!" And they fit! He has fairly small feet, not that much larger than mine.

The color changes on the first sock had the heel turn portion in its own color (beige), and I liked the look of that so much that I manipulated the colors on the second sock to get the same color in the same place. I was wanting to get the colors more or less the same on each sock in general, and succeeded to a certain extent. There were limits, believe it or not, to the crazy-making ends I was willing to create to achieve the matching of stripes. If you will remember, there were knots in the skeins, and in one case the color sequence reversed direction after the knot -- the nerve.

The pattern is roughly based on the "Slouch Socks" in "Not Just More Socks", with changes to make them less slouch-y and to fit Matt. It's a nice pattern, and I may make myself a similar pair from some yarn I got at the same time that is from the same maker and has the same fiber content, but in colors that are more "my" colors than these. This yarn is Meilenweit Cotton Spirit, 45% cotton, 42% wool and 13% polyamid (Matt lives in San Diego and I thought wool socks might be a bit much).

ETA -- I almost forgot, here are the leftovers:


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