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Friday, November 24, 2006

Return of the Tofurkey!!

We had a nice family Thanksgiving. I (with DD in the role of sous-chef) made cranberry sauce (with a bit of candied ginger -- very nice), brined turkey, stuffing, bread and mashed potatoes. DH, as usual, made the gravy and wielded the carving knife. My mother, my brother S., and his husband J. brought pies (2 kinds of pumpkin and 1 pecan pie), a green bean dish and sweet potatoes with chopped walnuts and -- chocolate. Much as I like chocolate, that last was just not to my liking.

My brother B. brought a kale dish, a bulghur/cranberry/nut dish, and -- a Tofurkey.

This is not the first time he brought Tofurkey. I have tried Tofurkey. Tofurkey is terrible.

Now, remember that I live in California. I am no stranger to vegan dishes. I like tofu and I like veggie burgers.

What I do not like is cardboard flavored heavily with poultry seasoning, and I am convinced that that is what Tofurkey is made of.

And here is one thing I was especially thankful for this Thanksgiving -- B. neglected to thaw the Tofurkey.

Sometimes two wrongs really do make a right.


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