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Monday, November 12, 2007

Moebius FO

I finished what may be the last of my holiday knits, since not everyone in the family is getting knitted gifts this year. It is by request, a short Moebius scarf:

Finished Moebius

Last year I made this Moebius scarf for my step-mom. This year her daughter requested one just like it.


Here's the stitch pattern, and a slightly better representation of the color. The yarn has blue and green plies twisted together, which I think gives a nice effect. I may make myself one like this from the "safety" skein, which I didn't need to touch.

I haven't blocked this yet. Must haul out the ironing board to do that (the twist dangles beneath, since a Moebius can't lie flat without being folded).

Just like the other one, it's based on Cat Bordhi's Arrow Lace Pathways scarf from her "Treasury of Magical Knitting", but I made it a bit short (so's the intended recipient) and left off the "fingers" that she uses in the bind-off. This was a very fast and fun knit, using less than one hank of Cascade 220.

And I had another FO over the weekend, the second Falling Water Sock. No second sock picture, sorry. Just look at the first one and cross your eyes to see the whole pair.


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