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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've got a Cool Sock Project Bag!

I've been meaning to blog about this ever since it arrived, and here it finally is:

Monkey project bag 1

Darn it, my pic came out a bit blurry. Let's see if my pic of the bottom is any better.

Monkey Project Bag 2

OK, that's a little better.

It's reversible, too, but I was a bit too rushed to dump everything out to take a pic of the other side. You can see a glimpse of the inside fabric in the first pic, and the bottom of the inside is the same as the main outside fabric.

These are by Knitting Ewe on the Go, and you can order one here, although I see on her site that she is taking a little break after pumping out a ton of these bags. She made these in conjunction with Sockapalooza 4, but having actually participated in Sockapalooza 4 is entirely optional. I didn't, as it happens.

Knitting Ewe gave great service! First of all, everyone gets to pick all four fabrics that go into these bags, and she has a great selection, all either sock monkey themed or colorful dots.

Then, when my bag didn't come out to her satisfaction, she ripped it all out and did it over, and emailed me to explain the delay and give me the option of picking a different fabric (she had to get some more in of one of the ones I had selected).

I love this -- she really cares about the quality of the bags she's pumping out for $15, and communicated with me every step of the way if there were any hitches at all. Go, Knitting Ewe!

What's in the sock project bag, you ask? Why, my current sock project, of course. This is a great bag to carry what you need for your sock project and is still small enough to go everywhere with you.

Sock 2

This is my second Coriolis Sock. If you're following along at home, in the book this is actually Sock 1. Yes, I knit Sock 2 first. I had some delusion that the direction of the whirlpool toe would match Sock 2 better, and that when I knit Sock 1, I would figure out how to reverse the whirlpool. That plan is out the window. But in this pic you can actually see the beginning of the spiral, which goes in the opposite direction of the other sock. I love it.

What else? Well, my knitting notions that I need for a sock, of course. To which I have recently added these:

letter stitch markers

They are from J.L. Yarnworks. Love them! I have yet to actually use them, though.

Cat Bordhi's new sock book has started a craze for lettered stitch markers, since she makes liberal use of stitch markers that she refers to by letter in her instructions. Now, it has been pointed out to me that a Sharpie and some openable stitch markers are all you really need. Or you could hang some cardstock on your regular stitch markers using some yarn. All this is quite true. In fact, I made my first Coriolis Sock (which is actually Sock 2, if you'll remember) without benefit of lettering my stitch markers at all, because I didn't find it necessary. But these are purdy, and I gave in.

While I was there, I happened across this:

Summer Plum J.L. Yarnworks
Summer Plum 2

She even winds it up for you if you just ask. At first I mis-read the gauge specs as "7.9", which freaked me out because it was so darn precise. "7-9", that I can deal with.

Purple sock yarn. Somehow a lot of it is ending up in this house. Couldn't be me.

I even won some purple sock yarn at Now Norma Knits from a drawing she had for people who donated to the Red Scarf Fund for Foster Youth. Yep, purple sock yarn. Thank you, Norma! Thank you, Ronni, for donating the yarn.

So you see, it isn't me. Really.


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