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Thursday, October 18, 2007


These are my favorite FOs lately:


Close-up of the cables:

Stulpen close-up

Our house is freezing (well, not compared to what it could be in other parts of the country, I suppose, but still -- right now it's reading 50 degrees here in my office). Our remodel has progressed to the point where we have no heat. The furnace is still here, and probably works, too, but there is no ductwork. The old ductwork was all rusted and falling apart under the house, so it is gone (and good riddance) and the new ductwork will go in the attic. After the roof is done. Priorities, ya know.

I work at home, and I use the computer a lot. So I knew it was time for some fingerless mitts. All other WIPs and holiday knits were abandoned for this cause.

A while back I had seen this post on Criminy Jickets' blog, and I really liked the pattern Dave chose. The pattern is found here (scroll down for the English version).

(Note: I believe the key to the chart is not quite right -- switch the instructions for the left 4-stitch cable and right 4-stitch cable and you should be alright. If you're good at reading cable charts, just ignore the key completely. [ETA: by "4-stitch cable" I mean the ones that are all knit stitches; the crosses that are knit/purl combos all seem correct.] [Further ETA: I have been in contact with Petra on Ravelry and she is going to fix the chart key. Yay! Thanks, Petra!]

As soon as I had finished the left mitt, DD declared that she wanted some, so as soon as I finished mine I cast on for hers. Once in a while I lend mine to her (when she practices her flute, or when I'm doing the dishes), but clearly we need to each have a set.

Mine are made from Lana Grossa Merino 2000 (DK), rather than the yarn called for (6-ply sock yarn, which I believe is about sport weight), so they are very plush and warm. The colorway? It glories in the name "483". They don't normally appear quite so bright as in the pictures.

DD's will be "Lane Borgosesia by Zegna Baruffa". Why yes, it is Italian yarn, how did you know? Hers are merino and silk (yum), mine are merino. Her yarn is a bit finer and lilac or pale purple in color.

Mods: I used DK weight yarn on US 2 (3.0 mm) needles, and I ribbed the thumbs instead of doing them in stockinette per the pattern. The increases for the thumbs were done in the center of the gusset instead of at the edges, so that the ribs could make "vee's" in the center of the gusset. I'm not explaining this very well, but here's a picture:

thumb gusset

The gusset increases with the ribbing did not come out completely as I would have wished, but they'll do.

Rant warning -- so many people speak of the thumb technique used in Fetching on Knitty as a "gusset". People, you may like that thumb, to each his or her own, but a gusset it ain't. As it happens, I don't care for it and wanted an actual gusset in mine. End of rant.

Another mod I am making in DD's -- the wrists don't need to be quite as long as specified, IMO, which is 30 rounds before the beginning of the chart. I am making DD's to be 20 rounds. The cables at the wrist are functional, too -- they pull the mitt in a bit at the wrist, to snug it up and keep out that chill.

Both yarns, for my and DD's Stulpen, were snatched up by me in the SnB yarn swap a while back, and I believe were contributed by Carin. Thanks, Carin!


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