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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

I took pix of my Coriolis-sock-in-progress, and they came out awful. I didn't even want to put them on the blog, they are so bad.

However! I have nothin' else to show you, so I am going to make you suffer through these:

partial sock 2

partial sock 2, view 3

Partial sock 2, view 2

My model was DD, who was not the most cooperative. I usually get better pix with no flash, but as you can see these uploaded way too dark. I swear they looked good in the camera and on my hard drive.

And I hurt my wrist. Not on the computer this time, but knitting. So I took a break from knitting for a couple of days, plus work has been really, really busy, ditto my fund-raising campaign for the school, DD has started playing soccer, making me a soccer mom, and I am supposed to be getting the GS troop cranked up for the year. Whine, whine, whine.

I have promised myself that next school year? Zero school volunteer work. Something's gotta give.

Crap-tastic photos notwithstanding, I really like this sock. Interesting to knit, and it fits well, too. When I do the other sock, it will spiral the other way. I know you can barely even see the spiral in these photos, but bear with me. There is a spiral, from right to left across the top of the foot. There is something I find very pleasing about the reverse spiraling planned for the other sock, despite the fact that I usually like my socks to match, and couldn't be bothered to, for instance, reverse the cabling on my socks so that one goes one way, the other goes the other way.

And Mom is about to buy mattress #4. Mattress #3 was determined by the factory inspector to be defective, so she gets a store credit! Whee! I have encouraged her to run down to the store today. Well, she did call me up to whine about mattress #3, after all. Of course, I am only slightly motivated that if she orders a new mattress before the weekend, I won't have to go with her.


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