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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hey, hey, it's the Monkeys!

The Monkees were a fab phenom when I was in 6th grade. Yes, I'm older than dirt. A classmate, still unsure of what to do with her zeal for activism, tried to get a petition going to get the Monkees to come and play at our K-8 school. As if. She soon found better applications for her activist energies, and lived on a Kibbutz in Israel for a while. But I digress.

Purple Monkey beginning

A different kind of Monkey.

I am one of the only living knitters never to have knit a pair of Monkey socks, but that is soon to be rectified. For the picot edge, a technique new to me, I used Claudia's blog post, January One's blog post, and Purlwise's blog post (but without the provisional cast-on), to help me learn this. I think I like it.

I love the Monkey pattern. It's now been memorized, for stress-free Turkey Day knitting while at my Mom's. So that hopefully I won't scream at anybody while there.

I just hope that there will be no Tofurkey. People, I've had Tofurkey. Once was more than enough.

May all of you who celebrate the holiday have a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of the foods and people that you love best.


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