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Sunday, January 21, 2007

M Makes a Hat

My darling daughter M, seen here (scroll way down), has been knitting for a little while now (she's 12). So far she has made mostly rectangles -- mostly scarves, and only garter or stockinette stitch. But now -- now she is a hat-maker. A knitting-in-the-round, DPN-using, ribbing and decrease-making hat-maker.

M's hat

Unfortunately, she's not a ball-band-saver just yet. But she does have good taste in yarn (even if she still has an unfortunate prediliction for fun fur).

The decreases came out a bit unevenly and the top of the hat a bit pointy. I explained that she could rip and re-knit the decreases, or add a pompom. And you can see the resulting choice.

For Xmas I had bought for her (on Ebay for a pretty reasonable price) a Boye Needlemaster. Partly out of self-interest, since between that and my Denise set we have in the house two of each size in the range we would be most likely to want. It's such fun to have another knitter in the house!


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