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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sunday Socks

Here's the second Sunday Sock:


What, you don't believe me? Just because I didn't show the other one? If I stuck them both on the scanner it would be a bit crowded and nothing would show, and I was just too lazy to pull out the camera.

I finished the second sock on the plane on the way to Minneapolis (no knitting needles were confiscated, although I had put the sock onto my less-favored-circ, just in case), and promptly cast on for another sock. Which I will try to show you Friday.

The second sock of that pair really might have to wait a bit, because I started a sock from Cat Bordhi's new book. So far, I like the toe (yes, that's as far as I got, wanna make an issue of it?). It's going to be a Coriolis sock when it grows up.

I have decided to give the Sunday Socks to one of my brothers, the one whose feet, happily, are just a bit bigger than mine. I just did not feel like re-knitting the first sock. It's true that I do this for fun, but re-knitting a sock I had already knit does not count for fun, in my book. This puts me at odds with EZ, I guess, who said we should welcome frogging as a chance to do even more of our favorite hobby.

Where does this put me in the process vs. product knitter divide? I guess this is a point for being a product knitter.

ETA -- Dee, since you asked, my favorite Earl Grey is Twinings, loose in the yellow tin. I have been getting my fix at Cost Plus, but they may have stopped carrying it. There was none last time I was in, and no one could help me find any.



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