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Friday, May 25, 2007

Ohio Star tote

The knitting is done on the Ohio Star tote:


I know, it's been a long time since I put this up. It's been a long time since I worked on it, until the other night.

I joined the front of the tote to the EGSGOD weeks ago, then for some reason put the project aside. When I went looking for it, I realized that DD was using that project bag as a pillow for tv-watching on the couch.

I joined the back to the EGSGOD, and I actually had to frog a number of rows of the EGSGOD. Either the project instructions are wrong, or I threw my gauge way off by knitting or purling backwards while making the EGSGOD, and the knitting goddess will get me for it when I felt. We'll see.

I had been intending, ever since I got the Embellish Knit! and realized that I actually could make worsted weight i-cord with it, to make the project with braided i-cord handles, per the pattern, even though I had purchased suede handles at a LYS for this project. But now I am thinking I will go with the suede handles. And so, I declare knitting on this project to be done.

That is a ways from the project being done, however. I have to felt it, for one thing. Then wait for it to dry.

And I really think I want to line it, maybe use plastic canvas to give some rigidity to the bottom, maybe put a pocket in the lining, and add a magnetic snap. Oh, and sew the suede handles on, of course. None of these things are things I have much experience with. In fact, most of those things -- zero experience. But they all seem do-able.

So I have a ways to go on this project. But hey, the knitting is done.



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