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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Meet Sharron Elliott

Sharron Elliott

This is Sharron Elliott.

Sharron's name is the name I was given by The Mother's Day Project of a female Coalition casualty in Iraq.

Sharron Elliott

I volunteered to stitch the name of a female Coalition casualty on this piece of muslin. It will be made into a tote bag with the names of each of the 79 (as of that date) female Coalition casualties in Iraq, and we will each in turn carry and use it, to help us remember the gaping holes left behind by each of these women.

Just reading what information there is that is easy to find on the internet about Sharron's life was very moving. She left a huge, gaping hole behind. I'm sure that is true of each person killed in war, on each side of the line. Even a former pen pal who knew Sharron when he was 9 left a tribute on her page at The Iraq Page. And of course, those who survived may be terribly scarred, physically and emotionally, and they and their loved ones suffer also.

The Mother's Day Project is the brainchild of Anne of ThreadingWater, who organized it, stamped the names on fabric and mailed them out to each of us. Enough people have volunteered for there to be a second tote. Alas, the second tote will require 80 names.



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