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Wednesday, May 23, 2007



I've got no knitting for you today, except a second sock, and how bo-oo-oring is that?

So here's something I've been meaning to post -- I got this gal at a garage sale a few weeks back for $3, maybe $4, I forget. She's been loved before, one leg has been carefully mended and there's a chip at the opening on the top, but I love her just the same. Aren't the little cornflowers precious?

We have yet to use her -- there's seldom any cream in this house, or occasion to put milk in a creamer (not when the carton will do), but I just like having her around. My uncle, who lives in an old farmhouse in Vermont that has been in the family several generations, has a similar one (without the cornflowers), and so when I saw her at the sale I brought her home.


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