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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Want An Exciting Career? Be A Firefighter!

I just got this in an email aimed at us GS leaders:

"Want An Exciting Career? Be A Firefighter!

12th International Conference of Fire Service Women
Everyone Welcome

Hands-on and lecture workshops on a variety of Fire Service topics, such as Forcible Entry, Ventilation, Command, Grant Writing and . . . ."

OK, I don't mean to make fun of firefighters -- I love firefighters! We go every year to our local fire station to sell them cookies (they buy lots), and I have taken CERT (community emergency response training) at the fire station. We go to Fire Extinguisher Day every year or so to practice using our fire extinguishers and then get them recharged. So let's just say I don't think this ended up being distributed to the target audience they had in mind when they wrote it. Take my troop to a presentation on Forcible Entry? I don't think so.


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