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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stitches Haul

Stitches haul -- part 1:
stitches haul 1

I have been putting off posting these because of having to mouse to do it. After yesterday's treatment I felt better enough to go ahead and post these. But I am not imagining my need to avoid the mouse -- just the few clicks needed to do this made my hand tingle. I should try just moving DH's mouse over to the left. Because I do miss posting my pix.

So, what are my favorite colors? Anyone? Bueller?

Those are sock yarns, from top to bottom:
50/50 wool/Tencel blend, 4 oz./475 yds., from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm, via the Full Thread Ahead booth.

80/20 wool/nylon blend, 4 oz./500yds., from the same sources.

100% Merino, 354 yd., Fleece Artist.

The wool/Tencel blend is very soft and silky. Almost too much so. And very shiny. Would I really make this into something to hide in my shoes? I'm re-thinking this, and thinking it might be better as a simple lacy, skinny scarf. Because I just love the colors and the sheen.

Just to confuse the question of favorite colors, here's part 2 of the haul:

I'm afraid this doesn't do justice to the color. It's a beautiful red, just the way I like it, with no shades of orange, peach or tomato red to be found. 10 skeins of lovely DK merino, color "garnet", in search of a project.

Maybe with these?

But the best part of Stitches West for me was spending the day with DD and seeing her learn more about knitting. We took two of the "market sessions" (1-hour classes) together, and she learned to do cables, yarn-overs, the skp decrease, and slip-stitch color knitting. Priceless.


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