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Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's a Dog's Life

ETA -- Great news! Ginger's lump was deemed a "1", the lowest in terms of aggressiveness. No further treatments needed!

Early on, when she began to feel well enough to go up the slope in our yard, it still hurt her to come down. She would run down, whimpering as she ran, as if to say, "ow! ow! ow!" But would she give up going up the hill? Of course not.

Original post:
Let sleeping dogs lie, they say.

Normally I can't get pix of Ginger sleeping. The sounds of the camera whirring to life wake her up and make her just nervous enough that she usually leaves the room.

So how come I can take pix of her sleeping this time? And why is she wearing a t-shirt?

Poor thing, we had this done to her:

She had a couple of lumps that they took off because one was, as they delicately put it, "not benign". As in, "cancerous". Fortunately, they think they got it all. Now we are waiting for the test results to see if it was the fast-spreading kind or the slow-spreading kind. If fast, more tests may be needed to see if it did spread.

The good news is that since Monday, when I took those pix, she has gotten over a lot of the initial discomfort and is mostly back to her old activity level. As for the other news, we're still waiting.


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