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Friday, April 13, 2007


Posts like this one by Maia and this one by Scout sometimes make me think my palette of choice is too limited. I will adamantly say that I don't like green, but I do seem to like it when it is combined with blue. Pink and brown together didn't sound so good to me, nor some of the other combinations listed in Scout's post, if you just list the colors. But when I look at her skeins -- yummy!

So next time I buy yarn, maybe I should deliberately broaden my palette and go for some sock yarn in colors I wouldn't normally wear or knit with. Just to try it. If I really don't like the results, I'm sure I can find someone else who would.

Yesterday we had a family field trip to San Francisco. It's been a while since I've been to Japantown, and I didn't remember this:

Japantown Peace Plaza

This is a cool fountain with water flowing over a number of flat slabs, so that you can walk right through it without really getting wet. The birds love it, too.

But the main goal for me and DD was to visit Ichiban Kan, as Freecia and Cookie did. And try to duplicate some of Cookie's sheepy purchases, which I loved. Am I a copycat? Yes, but I copy from the best.

At first we couldn't find them and I was afraid Cookie had gotten them all! But we did find them, and I got:

mag file

A couple of magazine files for my knitting mags and patterns (and it's filled with gift bags, each only about $1).


Some pencil knitting pouches and notebooks.

water bottle tote

A water bottle yarn tote.

sewing kit

This cute sewing kit, with lots of needles, a needle threader, tape measure and tiny scissors, for $1.


This lightweight nylon totebag (part of my ongoing quest to use fewer shopping bags), one of our more expensive purchases at $2.


These sauce dishes ($1 each) to catch the drips from my tea strainer. Oh, yes, the pig? Press a button on its head and light shines from the nostrils in the snout. No keychain should be without this safety device.

Then we had sushi at the sushi boat restaurant (yum!), where I forgot to take pix, before leaving to see Picasso at SFMOMA. But that's another story.

All in all, the three of us had a monstrously good time.



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