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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day -- oh, the heck with it

Still no knitting for a while, but it is too tiresome and depressing to keep track of the days. At this point, it is mostly likely not a matter of days but weeks. Thanks to all of you for your sympathy and support. I have been nudged (in the best possible way) into spending more time stretching and exercising, and to call my acupuncturist. I hope that will help.

Anyway! We went to Monterey last weekend and saw the famous "Lone Cypress" pictured above along the 17-mile drive through Pebble Beach and environs. For our $9 we got a lovely drive including gorgeous coastline, and got to ogle the Pebble Beach golf club and many mansions. We also got a lovely map and brochure, which said, among other things, that the Lone Cypress is "eternally revered as the symbol of the Pebble Beach Company". Oh, please.

We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is always a delight. We always see something we didn't see before. This time, it was the tuna feeding. No, not us feeding on tuna, but tuna feeding on squid. This was quite interesting, and we had an especially good docent? naturalist? I forget what he called himself. The crowd cheered when either of the two sunfish in the same tank (very large, slow and unmaneuverable) got some squid. They also get their own feeding where the fish is stuffed into their mouths, but we didn't see that. We also went tidepooling and saw lots of very interesting creatures.

A dad who was there at the tidepools with his very young kids made a show of "rescuing" a fish that was in one of the tidepools and didn't appear to be doing so well. He tossed him into the breakers -- only to have a gull swoop down on him mere seconds later. Alas! But his kids hadn't noticed this and we all told them that the fish had swum away. Can you blame us?


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