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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pins and Needles

This morning I went for acupuncture, and this is what I looked like when I got home.

Well, OK, my hair is longer, but other than that --

I love my acupuncturist, and I almost always feel much better after a visit. Normally I am a rather skeptical person, but somehow I am ready to submit to treatments by her that I would seriously question from someone else. Not just the acupuncture itself, but Chinese herbs, patches, and a cigar-like herbal thing that she lights and passes near the areas to be treated, heating them up. I think she calls it mox, or moxa.

I am not one of those who believes that anything labeled "herbal" is somehow beneficial or even benign. Far from it. And yet if she prescribes it for me, I take it.

And I do feel better today after being treated. Not 100% well, but better. And for today, that is plenty.


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