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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10 Knitterly Things You Didn't Know about Me, a meme

I don't know if I can think of 10. I haven't been blogging for very long, but I seem to have blabbed a lot.

1. My BIL, the intended recipient of the Gentleman's Fancy Sock, is not legally my BIL. His marriage to my brother was (1) among the first to be performed at SF City Hall when they were doing that a couple of years ago, and (2) among those voided by the California Supreme Court. Not many people can say that their marriage was voided by the California Supreme Court. Well, several thousand people, but still.

2. I admit to having knit fun-fur scarves. And a poncho, which I already 'fessed up to. I like to wear my purple and black fun-fur scarf, it livens up my black leather jacket. I donated a couple of fun-fur scarves to the school fund-raising auction the year before last, and then had to beg some of my friends to bid on them, as they were going bid-less. So I inflicted fun-fur scarves, which they had to pay for, on my friends. I never see them wearing them, although they claim that they do.

3. I love cables. I want (badly!) to knit myself Rogue or the Central Park Hoodie or this cardigan from Knit Simple magazine.

4. I have no interest in spinning. I do sometimes read about it on others' blogs, but I have no real interest in doing it myself. That time would be better spent knitting, in my opinion. I suppose I'm missing out, but for now I'd rather knit.

5. I have no interest in dyeing yarn. I often don't like the results I see in blogland from hand-dyed yarns. I think the pooling and flashing would really bother me in my own knitted projects, and the knitting with two ends thing? Sounds like way too much trouble. While the yarns themselves look very beautiful, I often don't like the way they look knitted up. So I have never acquired any hand-dyed yarns, although I do find some of the tonal ones that are variations on one color rather appealing.

6. I have a big stash of self-striping sock yarn. The Yarn Harlot said in her third book something like, "apparently I am dim enough to be amused by watching my sock yarn change color". Me, too, and I consider myself in very good company. I like the self-striping yarn that Scout dyed and just knit up, but dyeing itself still looks like too much trouble to me.

7. I love purple, blue, true red (not orange-y red), some pinks, and black. I hate most yellows and oranges (at least on me), and can tolerate certain greens, in combination with other colors I like. I'm not fond of brown, I prefer gray as a neutral. This is another of my problems with so much hand-dyed yarn I see -- it combines colors I love with colors I hate. I'm not opinionated or anything.

8. There are 78 feeds in my Bloglines subscription list. This is way too many for any sane person, let alone a wife and mother with a full-time job, not to mention leading a Scout troop, fund-raising for the school, volunteering to help with the school play (cuz DD is in it and I have to), running a book club and being a member of a knitting club.

9. I sometimes blog, knit and read blogs when I should be working. No surprise there, doesn't everyone?

10. I taught myself to knit Continental watching the videos at (thanks, Amy!), and I mostly knit Continental now, particularly if there's any ribbing or other switching between knit and purl, although sometimes I do like to switch off between Continental and English. DD still knits English, and I taught my mom to knit English, since I think it's easier for a new knitter to learn. This last one is a bit of a cheat, I think I've blogged about it before, but it still sometimes amazes me that I switched so thoroughly. I automatically pick up the yarn to knit Continental.

So there you have it! Thanks to Grumperina for starting this meme!

Oh, and:

11. This is the first meme I've done, knitting or otherwise.


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