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Monday, September 25, 2006

Very Fraternal Socks

I have rattled on and on about previously mentioned the tube socks that were my first socks, and here they are:
Spiral Tube Sox

Here are the toes:
Spiral Tube Sox Toes
They're basic spiral decrease toes (I don't seem to have even got the spiral decreases correct on the right-hand sock -- I think I knit that while hosting SnB).

They're from this book:
kids knitting cover
which is a very good basic knitting book for anyone first taking up or returning to knitting, as I was (returning to knitting, that is) when I made these socks.

I was basically knitting these for something to knit, and as would be obvious to a drunken sailor you can plainly see, I took little care to match stripes, or much of anything else for that matter. These were "just for fun", and I wore them very little. They wouldn't fit in any real shoes of mine, for one thing. The pink and light blue skinny stripes are leftover yarn from a poncho (there! I said it! I knit a poncho!) that I knit for DD a while back. Someday I'll let you see that, when I've progressed more with my recovery.

They are about to be sacrificed for some "real" socks, socks with heels fer gosh sakes, like any self-respecting sock.

For these socks:
Fraternal Twin Sox
Blue sock

Thus far these are being knit with yarn from a different pair of tube socks that I made for DD, which instead of the spiral rib in the socks above have a straight rib, and thus look very strangely skinny when not on (I won't mention what they most obviously resemble, you've no doubt, with your mind perhaps already thought of that. Anway, I snatched those from her room when she wasn't home and frogged them so fast I didn't think to take a picture of them. (She did kinda OK the idea of my re-knitting them into real socks for her.) So I'll just leave those to your imagination. The only redeeming feature was that I did make some attempt to match the stripes on those.

Anyway, I'm discovering that these "real" socks (pretty basic toe-up socks) are taking a ton more yarn than the ribbed ones. I'm pretty close already to using up the yarn from DD's tube sox, and thus will soon sacrifice my tube sox to the cause.

Here is the heel on the blue sock:
Blue sock heel

This is my best attempt so far at the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts "yarn-over" short-row heel. I think it's not too bad. The holes at the corner of the miter will be closed up when I weave in the ends (I'm quite used to that, due to my crappy heel-knitting skills).

I think that these are washable worsted-weight yarn (bad knitter, forgot to save ball band), they are being knit toe-up on a 40" US#4 Addi (well, I started on an old set of 4 DPN's -- but now that I've been spoiled by sets of 5 and then became a Magic Loop convert, I can't stand knitting socks on 4 DPN's).

So these are going to be quite thick and warm. If DD doesn't like them I may just take 'em back to wear around the house in the winter.


  • Followed the link from Rachael's comments to tell you that you can buy the current Knitscene from the INterweave website.

    By Blogger Paper Tiger, at Monday, September 25, 2006 10:49:00 AM  

  • Haha those tube socks are awesome. The new socks look pretty good though, and I think your tube socks will be sacrificed to a noble cause. Why do you think they are eating so much yarn? Smaller gauge maybe?

    My mom has caught the Sock Bug. She just finished her first sock (singular) and has already ordered new needles and yarn. I'm trying to get her to take a pic and send it to me to post.

    By Blogger Liz, at Monday, September 25, 2006 6:15:00 PM  

  • I have that Melanie Falick book. It got me started knitting's awesome. I knit the backpack and the tassle hat. I looked for it so that I could look at the sweater knit on circulars, but, alas, it is lost amongst my husband's books in our attick...and there's no way I'm going up there, not even for that. Those spiral socks are cool and your short-row heel looks fabulous!


    By Blogger Angela, at Monday, September 25, 2006 6:54:00 PM  

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