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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Four Down, Six to Go

Here's the first of the pair of the "Gentleman's Fancy Socks" from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush that I'm knitting for my BIL for Xmas:
First Sock Done

A-a-a-nd here's the toe:
First Sock Toe

Is that hilarious, or what? I don't think it's so much my poor grafting as the fact that the pattern calls for decreasing down to 12 stitches total (6 on top, 6 on the bottom), and at 9 st./in., that's a really pointy toe.

Yai-Ann made a pair of these in a smaller size for herself, and was kind enough to send me her mods. She gave me reason to hope that this toe will block out to look less weird, plus my BIL obviously has longer feet than me (and most likely pointier toes than me, like everyone else in the world [but I'm not bitter, as the Yarn Harlot would say]), so for now I'm not re-knitting it, I'm casting on for the second sock. 'Cuz I have about 6 more sox to knit before Xmas (I'm counting the blue-and-purple socks as only one sock to finish since the pair is about half done -- let's see, 2 toes done, 1 heel done, that's probably about right. Right? Give me some hope, here.)


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