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Monday, September 11, 2006


Doing some much-needed and long-overdue cleaning up, I came across these:

What does this little pic tell us? Many things:

1. AuntieAnn used to crochet. I made that very baby blanket pictured there (not, thank goodness, the hat). One disaster of a knit sweater (together with almost all of my leftover bits of yarn) was turned into a granny-square afghan to good effect. I don't really remember how to crochet anymore, although I seem to keep finding hooks about the place. I showed the lack of imagination to make the blanket in the very colors shown in the pattern pic (then again, it was a Cal baby, and those are sorta baby versions of the Cal colors).

2. Yarn manufacturers used to have the bravado to put not only "Moth-Resistant" but "Mothproof" on their ballbands.

3. I had the good habit of saving ballbands back then. I have had to re-learn this good habit lately.

4. Even way back then, I preferred wool to acrylic.

Those patterns are from this booklet:
Crochet for Babies

There are some very, very scary patterns in this booklet, some of which I think I have seen featured on "You Crocheted What?". I have lost touch with the parents of the baby who received the "Daffy-down-Dilly" blanket, so I don't know how it fared.


  • Thanks for sharing the pics of 'ancient' crochet projects. Just so you know, I still have a couple of the crocheted blankets that were given to my babies years ago. I think they were all done in acrylic. They are cherished keepsakes.


    By Blogger Angela, at Thursday, September 14, 2006 9:09:00 AM  

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