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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Top Ten Five Ways I am Exactly Very Much Sort of Kind of Like the Yarn Harlot

Yep, that's me.

Exactly Very much Sort of Kind of like the famous Yarn Harlot.

And I'll tell you the top ten five reasons why.

5. I like to knit. A lot.

4. I like to knit socks, and almost always have one on the needles.

3. I'm a famous author and speaker.

3. Zillions of people read my blog and in fact my every word.

3. I knit all of my socks on DPN's.

3. I take pictures of my "traveling sock" everywhere I go.

3. OK, I'm female, and short, all right?

2. Um, I live in Canada North America.

And the number one, top reason that I'm kinda sorta like the Yarn Harlot:

1. I was knitting this very fiddly sock, see, and I had gotten to the very tip of one of the points in this weird sock construction and was just reaching for the scissors to cut the tail, when -- I dropped the sock.

And I was still holding the tail.

I think we all know from reading Stephanie's account of this very thing how heart-breaking this can be.

Mine may have been just a tiny bit easier to recover from, though.

And now I have this:

Section 4

Doesn't that resemble a lobster claw much more than a sock?

Yeah, I thought so, too.


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