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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pride 2007

My whole family took part in the 2007 San Francisco Pride Parade last Sunday! My brother and his husband were Grand Marshals! Everyone in both of their immediate families was there in spirit to support them. Most everyone was there physically, also. Lots of cousins, too!

Here I am with my Mom, ready to take part in the Parade! My cousin Wes is here, too.

Ann & Mom

Here's DD with her younger cousin, sitting in as grand marshals while everything gets set up:

Jr Grand Marshals

And here are the Grand Marshals themselves! That's my brother Stuart on the right, his husband John on the left:

Grand Marshals 2

Subtle outfits, huh??

They are two of many grand marshals, actually, but they are the ones who were elected by the community:

Next to car

Here are two other grand marshals:

Carruthers & Espinosa

Lots of others were getting ready:

rainbow wings

Nice knitted scarf, dude!

purple costume

Last minute adjustments to the Marriage Equality float:

Marriage Equality crop

And we're off!

John, Mom, Lin-wan

Here's the grand marshals, with another of my brothers and DD walking alongside:

S & J, Brad, M

Our sign -- there were indeed 4 generations of my family there (but my camera ate my pix of the very youngest generation):

4 generations 2

This was my view for a lot of the parade:

My View

See the giant pink triangle on Twin Peaks, way in the background? They put that up every year for Pride weekend.

The crowds were enormous!

Crowd Rainbow Flag

bus shelter crowd

More interesting costumes:

Chandelier guy

Stilt guys

The TV interview:

Interview 2

And it's all over:

Balloon Magic Green

Balloon Magic - pink

The end:




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