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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dragonfly socks

I'm still catching up on FOs that I haven't yet blogged. This is the last of them for now, at least the last that I have taken pictures of but haven't blogged. I have two more pairs of socks and a hat that need photo sessions so that I can blog them.

And, for those of you with very long memories, I am this close to finishing my Sonnet sweater, which is about the same vintage as this blog -- that is, about two and half years old. Sad, ain't it? But the Sonnet is another story.

Today it is about the Dragonfly socks. The free pattern is here. It is designed to work well with hand-painted or variegated yarns or even self-striping yarns, and it does that very well. The designer cautions that it won't look good with the faux-Fair Isle type of self-striping yarns, and I have to agree with her on that. Then again, in general I've decided I'm not very fond of that type of yarn patterning.

Dragonfly socks 3
Here is a close shot of one of them. The lace pattern is simple and elegant.

Dragonfly socks 1

Dragonfly socks 2

I love these! I will make them again, but I will either use smaller needles (I used 2.5 mm) or take a stitch out of the pattern repeat somehow, since I like my socks a little bit snugger. Also, the heel is a bit deeper than I need it.

Overall, though, a very nice and lovely pattern.


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