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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sewn Cell Phone Cozy

I saw Angela's felted cell phone case, and then this sewn weensy camera purse by Rachael, and Rachael's post linked to this tutorial for a sewn camera cozy. DD had indicated an interest in having a cell phone case, and so I put this together:

Cell phone cozy 1

I think it came out rather sweet, if I do say so myself, thanks to the experience of those who had gone before. Everything that I used, we had around the house. It's denim (saved legs of jeans I cut off into shorts) lined with red felt Cell phone cozy 3
(leftover craft felt -- I hope it holds up) and with red satin (from a friend's quilting, she gave M. a bunch of squares to experiment with sewing), with a button left over from a "learn to knit" kit from KlutzCell phone cozy 2
and ribbon that came on a tiny bag of jelly beans given by our neighborhood realtor. The buttoned strap should let her attach the cozy to her belt loop or to the strap of her backpack.

I'm obviously not the most skilled at sewing, am allergic to ironing, and several of the pieces I had to cut out several times as I was winging it a bit too much and don't believe in pinning over-much (which I generally later regret), but I still think it's very cute, myself. Let's hope DD agrees when she gets home from the grandparents' house tomorrow.


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