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Friday, May 12, 2006

Short Rows -- Help (me)

So on the Sonnet KAL, Ang and I have been mulling over using short-row technique to add some waist shaping to the Sonnet. Just in case I'm not crazy enough yet, I decided to throw in some more crazy-making stuff, like short-row waist shaping. Also, I love the Sonnet, but boxy is not the most flattering thing on me. I'm boxy enough as it is.

Some places for tips:

Nona's Tips

(see her tutorial on three different techniques for short-rowing)

Knitty Summer '03
(deconstructing the free Shapely Tank pattern, and its use of short rows in the bustline and hem)
(short row shaping applied to a neckline) magic-of-short-rows
(with examples of 3 different methods)

"The 'I Hate to Finish Sweaters' Guide to Finishing Sweaters", available here:
(mostly discusses short-row shoulder shaping, as I recall)

None of these specifically applies short-rowing to waist-shaping, alas, so that will take some more thought. Darn.

[ETA this link: Purlwise: Shaped Cap Sleeves with Wrapped Short Rows]


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