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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What was I thinking?

I have three projects in progress, a lot for me. Project One is a Klein bottle hat (shh, it's a surprise for my math professor uncle). It's in a very weird-looking (and boring to knit) phase. The light grey part will fold up inside, get decreased and grafted to the tube coming in at the side. Ignore the fact that there's a hole in the side to let in that tube, a true Klein bottle has no hole by virtue of existing in the 4th dimension. This will be, as my uncle would say, a knitted representation of a Klein bottle. (When I sent him the Moebius scarf I made for him, I was thanked for a "knitted representation of a Moebius band".) See the links for more on Klein bottles, and representations thereof.

I did not intend originally to change yarns for the light grey part, but the other is a bit too itchy. I did provisional cast-on, crocheted chain method, couldn't get the chain out due to using same yarn (travel emergency) and it being too "catch"-y, picked up stitches and left chain in place, and went merrily on. My two big fears: the grafting, which is 1x1 ribbing (but will be in a hidden spot), and -- will my uncle end up looking like a Teletubby? Better that than some Klein bottle hats I've seen, though.

Project Two is Knitty's Sonnet, and here is the swatch. I did I-cord cast-on and bind-off (me I-cord freak), with built-in I-cord on the left and on the right, it is "slip stitch double-knit edge" per this pattern by Annie Modesitt: Sonnet_swatch
They both look good to me, hard to decide which one to use. This is KnitPicks Shine Sport in Hydrangea. For once I actually intend to swatch (obviously) and even wash my swatch, since they say it is machine washable and dryable, and I'm darned if I will throw a whole sweater I have labored over into the washer and dryer without trying it on the swatch first.

And here is 12 rows of Shedir, Project Three -- or is it a holder for stitch markers? I am new to reading charts and working this kind of cabling, hence the many many markers.

This is Jaeger Extra-Fine Merino DK weight, color Blackcurrant, not the recommended yarn. Hope it works out, but Eunnie's did, with a DK weight. I have made lots of hats, and the stitch count and weight seem right to me. I love this color.


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